Tips for buying an electric winch

Hand winch and Electric winch
How should the electric winch be used correctly?

Tips for buying an electric winch

The winch is an essential part of the off-road self-rescue process, but it must be carefully selected at the time of purchase; the electric winch is generally used for off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV sports cars, yachts, and other special vehicles.

1. Start with the electric motor

The winch motor is driven by the battery of the vehicle, which transmits power to the mechanical transmission, and then drives the winch drum to rotate the winding cable.

2. View cable

The initial design load capacity of the cable determines its diameter and length. The cable is wrapped around the winch drum and passed through the fairlead. The end of the cable is looped to connect the anchor hook.

3. Attention to the winch drum

The winch drum is a cylindrical device that winds the cable.

It is driven by an electric motor and the winch cylinder changes the direction of rotation under the control of the remote control.

4. Check the fairlead

When the winch is used at an angle, the fairlead will guide the cable around the winch drum. It will reduce the risk of damage to the winch bracket or bumper when the cable is recycled, often fixedly mounted outside the winch frame or bumper.

5. Look at the transmission mechanism

The three sets of planetary gears form the transmission mechanism, which converts the energy generated by the motor into a powerful traction. The drive system is designed to make the winch light and compact.

6. Brake system is very important

When the motor stops working and the cable has a load, the brake system automatically locks the drum. This prevents the cable from slipping off and the car is left in place.

7. Clutch must see

The clutch can be operated by hand to change the disengaged or locked state of the drum and the transmission system, thereby changing the state in which the drum is idling or locked with the transmission system.

8. Control can not be underestimated

The control unit converts the power of the car battery into kinetic energy through the electromagnetic coil, enabling the operator to change the direction of rotation of the capstan drum. Some winches cure the control rafts in the winch structure, while others can be integrated into one and installed in place as needed. The electric winch operates under high load, so the control 匣 uses a high load control system to cope with the powerful current.

9. Controller is vital

The controller is inserted on the winch control cymbal to freely control the direction of rotation of the winch drum. It allows the user to stay away from the cable when operating the winch, avoiding danger.

With the above nine magic weapons, you can’t buy a high-quality electric winch.


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