Precautions for use of the electric winch.

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Precautions for use of the electric winch.

First of all, the electric winch is often used in the field, so it is a common thing to be contaminated by muddy water and oil. Therefore, after going home, it should be dismantled and maintained, check the gears, carefully clean and replace the butter and keep it properly to avoid rust. Wear protective gloves as much as possible to prevent hand injury. In addition, in order to prevent the steel cable from being swept under the tension and hurting other people and vehicles, other personnel should stay away from a certain safe area and then carry out the actual operation.


In addition, please pay attention to not release all the lines when laying the line. You should reserve about 5 circles (or red line position) to prevent the cable from falling off due to excessive load. When the line is closed, the cable should be tightened and the recycler should be controlled to recover slowly. Neatly placed on the gongs and drums to keep the ropes organized to avoid clutter. In addition, overloading and long-time work are fatal to the motor. Minimize the operation of the electric winch for a long time. If necessary, use the pulley block to increase the traction; prevent the relay from overheating and burning, and also prevent the car battery from being overloaded and affecting the battery life.

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