How should the electric winch be used correctly?

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Electric winch operation method

How should the electric winch be used correctly?

There is no winch and no off-road, and the off-roaders who have suffered a lot of losses have summed up this cross-country iron law. Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you the use of electric winch.

Advantages of electric winch
There are many types of winches, but electric winches are the favorite type of off-road people. Why? Because it is petite and lively and obedient, you can say who can not be tempted. Don’t think about it. Xiaobian wants to say that it is small in size, not very space-consuming, and easy to install. It can be loaded with the front or the rear of the car, as you like.
It can also provide a strong pull, dragging a ton of heavy-duty off-road vehicles is not a problem, and this pull is actually achieved by the combination of the motor and the reducer with a maximum power of only 3, 4 kW, and the four-two-pound is no more than this.
It also has the advantage that it can be used normally even if the vehicle is turned off. Because it can use the car battery power to pull work, so as long as the battery has electricity. Think about it if your car goes out in the water and has more peace of mind.

When to use an electric winch
Understand the various advantages of the electric winch, it is time to pull out the show. In the actual off-road process, it can be used in these situations:
The first case is: trapped.
Trap cars are most likely to occur on soft, slippery terrain such as deserts, mire, swamps, snow, etc. In these places, the wheels have poor adhesion and are easy to slip, resulting in in-situ digging. As a result, the wheels are trapped and cannot move. . I believe that every player who plays cross-country has absolutely experience of trapping cars.
The second case is: the vehicle is faulty.
It is quite common for a vehicle to malfunction, whether it is a self-driving off-road or a cross-country race. This kind of thing is coming. The priority is of course direct repair, but if it is not repaired, it must be dragged back to repair by electric winch or towed to a safe place for rescue.
The third case is: rollover.
Rollover is not only a bridge that will appear in cross-country races. If you have some difficult off-road challenges, such as desert slopes, climbing pits, climbing rocks, etc., although you are excited, driving a little mistake may result in Rollover accident. In this case, the vehicle is basically unable to open. There is no other way than to be towed away.
The fourth situation is: assisted driving.
When in the off-road process, if you encounter some sections that cannot pass, such as the slope is too steep and too slippery, you can use the electric winch to assist the climbing. It is to use the strong traction of the electric winch, plus the power of the car itself, the success rate will be A lot higher.
The fifth situation is: clearing roadblocks
Driving in the forested areas, you may encounter roadblocks such as falling boulder or fallen trees. You can use electric winches to clean them up, so you don’t have to go around. In addition, it is ok to use it to drag some heavy items.

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