Hand winch and Electric winch

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Hand winch and Electric winch

Today is talking about: hand winch and electric winch

Winch is mostly used in off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV sports cars, yachts, and other special vehicles. It is an important tool for vehicles and ships to save themselves. It can also be used for military police, petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, fire fighting and other field sports, especially off-road vehicles.

The electric winch works by converting the power of the automobile engine into the electric power to drive the motor, towing the noose, and magically amplifying the output power through the planetary gear reducer disposed therein, thereby realizing the effect of deceleration and twisting, making such an inconspicuous Small objects can drag a heavy and heavy off-road vehicle with little effort.

A hand winch, also known as a hand winch, is a mechanical appliance that pulls the cargo by shaking the winch reel by hand. The gear-driven winch wire rope reel pulls the cargo by rotating the wire rope wound around it. It comes with an automatic brake that makes it safer to operate. When the winch wire rope pulls the cargo and the winch reel remains stationary, the brake employment will automatically open. Manual winches are another option outside the car winch when a variety of rescue work is required. Its biggest advantage is that it can be portable and can be connected from any direction of the car. Lightweight and strong, electroplated, pressed steel structure, steel cable pulls the unit propelled by the pulley through two internal forks. These forks pull the cable while the winch is in forward mode and are also an automatic braking system. The fork will automatically lock when the grip is increased. The manual winch can also be used for lifting (lifting force is about 65% of the drag force).

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