How to install the car small crane base on the carriage

Hydraulic small crane (hydraulic one-arm crane) use advantages description

How to install the car small crane base on the carriage

Recently, many customers have not know how to install the car small crane on the car after purchasing the car small crane. It means that there are too many installation instructions, do not want to see it, or it is too troublesome to look at the manual. It is better to call. Fast, today I will give you an important introduction to how the car’s small crane base is fixed on the car.

1. The size of the base of the standard car small crane (500 kg) is 0.35 m × 0.35 m. Then you need to prepare a steel plate of 0.35 m × 0.35 m or more. The thickness of the steel plate is at least 20 mm.
2. The steel plate is drilled according to the position of the four holes of the small crane of the vehicle, and the aperture is 16 mm.
3. In the car, you need to confirm the installation position of the small crane on the car. Mark the position on the car that needs to be punched, and punch it. The hole diameter is 16mm.
4, install the base of the car small crane, their order from bottom to top is: steel plate + car bottom + car small crane base, then the three parts are screwed through, tighten the screw cap (screw must be matched, not Use a screw that is too thin or too thick, screw on the nut, and tighten with a wrench. The installation diagram is as follows:
5. Before use, it is necessary to check the installation situation of the small crane on the vehicle, whether the nuts are loose, whether there is any problem with the wire rope, whether the motor or electric winch is good, whether the wiring is leaking or loose, and the base is fixed. Is the base fixing nut loose?

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